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Robert Huber - Mentors

Many folks have contributed to my scientific career. Collaborators, research associates, and students have shaped my views in many ways. I greatly enjoy the collision of minds in discussions and the fun of working with others on a particular question of interest.

I consider myself very fortunate that some of the best mentors in this world took me under their wing

  • Konrad Zacharias Lorenz (Master's Adviser)
  • Michael Kent Rylander (Ph.D. Adviser)
  • Edward Arthur Kravitz (Postdoctoral Adviser)
  • Heiner Römer and Jaak Panksepp (Faculty Mentors)

It is my goal to pass the philosophy of learning and research on to my students and thereby contribute to the continuation of the proud scientific heritage of my mentors.

last updated 2/6/06