Software Installations 

You will find a couple of tools for statistical analysis of great value as we progress through material in this class. I suspect you would not really fancy performing a discriminant function analysis on a couple thousand cases by hand :-).

You will likely want to have ...
Options and installation instructions can be found in my blog. The sections of relevance for the class are in part 5 - Installations for R and Python.

Consider adopting Jupyter, it is a multimedia notebook that allows you to integrate different components of one analysis in the same visual context, data, notes, results, conclusions. The Jupyter notebook is organized around a collection of individual cells, each of which containing lain vanilla python code, python code that integrates with R, results of analyses, graphics, and notes/comments.

A lovely additonal layer of convencience is offered by Jupyter integration with Google Docs. You can access my shared folder of Jupyter Notebook scripts.
last modified: 8/29/19