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"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes." -- Marcel Proust

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Tools for manipulating TEXT files

You also need to become familiar with a proper TEXT editor. Essential features include the ability to handle text files written on different computer platforms (Mac, Windows, UNIX), unlimited filesize, and GREP searching. A great freeware, cross-platform option is jEdit. There are alternative options to it for different platforms.

  1. You already have a number of applications that allow you to open/manipulate/save files in plain text format. Even your standard office package (e.g., MS Office; free, open source LibreOffice, etc.) will do that. However, you might want to look around and acquaint yourself with something a bit more powerful, something that allows you to control line endings, GREP, good search and replace.
  2. jEdit - or TextWrangler (Mac), NotePad++, TED Notepad or Windows GREP (Windows)

Tools for Statistical Analysis

You should use this course to become familiar with the statistics package of your choice. Several programs are available via the University keyserver, including Statview v 5.0.1 and Minitab v 10.5 or JMP from SAS Institute. Do not use the Stats Package in Excel, here is why. I assume you already have some programs that you use for your daily statistical analysis. I encourage you to continue using them unless you find them inadequate for whatever task you are asked to complete. My personal preference for statistics and data exploration software is the comprehensive R Package - a public domain, freeware framework for statistical analysis that runs on a wide variety of UNIX platforms, Windows and MacOS.


We will piece together elements from various sources. The univariate material in this course is covered well by either of the following texts:

The multivariate material is discussed in good detail in:

Discussions, Examples, and Explanations on the use of R are at:




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