Animal Behavior - Biology 4200/5430

Bowling Green State University, Spring 2018

Class Points and Grades

A sum total of 500 points can be achieved in this course. Number of points assigned to different sections are as follows


Class points translate to letter grades as follows:

Undergraduate Students

Graduate Students
A = 450 points or above (90+%) A = 460 points or above (92+%)
B = 400 - 449 points (80-90%) B = 420 - 459 points (84-92%)
C = 350 - 399 points (70-80%) C = 380 - 419 points (76-84%)
D = 300 - 349 points (60-70%) D = 330 - 379 points (66-76%)
F = below 300 points (-60%) F = below 330 points (-66%)


Lecture examinations may consist of multiple choice, short-answer, essay, and other question types covering material from lectures, text, and handouts. Examinations will emphasize knowledge of basic concepts and vocabulary, critical thinking and the ability to integrate knowledge.

Make-up examinations for the lecture portion of the course will be given only under extreme circumstances, which you should be prepared to document. You must make every effort to contact one of us BEFORE an examination that you are unable to attend. Make-up examinations will generally be oral and difficult. Read your Student Handbook for University policies on plagiarism and other incidents of academic dishonesty. Any violation of the Academic Honesty Policy may result in failure of the course and can lead to expulsion from the University. Please review the BGSU policy on Plagiarism.

1st Exam, 2nd Exam, 3rd Exam, and Final Exam count a total of 100 points each. The Exam with the lowest score for the first 3 exams is dropped, the final cannot be dropped. The material will include all lectures and reading assignments up to the date of the exam. It contains a set of essay questions, one of which will appear on the examination.

Writing Assigment: in this section you will learn to communicate your scientific findings effectively


Independent Research project: 100 points. Please be aware of the fact that you are dealing with life animals. This involves Ethical Issues in Behavioral Research that you need to be aware of. Moreover, review these regulations if you choose a Vertebrate Species for your Independent Research Project. The quality of your scientific question and project to address it will be judged according to questions summarized in this checklist. Failure to file an animal protocol for a project that requires it will automatically result in 0 points for the research project.

Graduate reading:

Additional assignments for Graduate students in BIOL 5430 are:

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