Black Swamp Wildflowers dedicated to the restoration and preservation of the natural heritage of Northwest Ohio

Oak Savannah Restoration


Liz and Jeremy
Bowling Green State University
10 Acres of old Oak Savannah are being restored at the western edge where forest transitions into tall-grass prairie.
The Ross Oak Savannah is an area that contains clusters of large oak trees. Historically, natural fires would have been a dominant force in shaping the ecology of this habitat. In its absence, oaks have suffered from encroachment by competing vegetation. As basswood, buckthorn, and honey-locust trees have grown unchecked, they have prevented re-generation of oak seedlings and other plants that rely on the open, park-like landscapes. Our conservation management plan calls for physical removal of softwood trees, and an attempt for a controlled reversal of plant succession. The first phase of the restoration program is underway and has already allowed several species to recover from the seed bank.

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