Located to the northwest of Pemberville, Ohio, the 110-acre tract of land contains one of the finest, remaining, deciduous hardwood forests in Northwest Ohio. The area contains several distinct types: a wet sycamore/hickory dominated forest community on the eastern side, a mature, wet beech/maple forest in the center, and a drier (former, but now overgrown) oak savannah that borders a 30 acre prairie restoration project on the west side. Historical use of the land included cattle grazing and some selective logging. Despite this, the Black Swamp Conservation and Restoration Area is among the last remaining areas with characteristics of the former Great Black Swamp. The area retains flora and fauna, which was present at the time of settlement. It contains several sites of high biological interest, including rare species of plants and animals. We deem preservation as the highest and best use of the land and we aim to inspire and inform people about the importance of our remaining natural areas. It is our hope this this project will help develop public attitudes that value and enjoy our natural and historical wonders without harming their futures. Driving directions are found here.

Enjoy a stroll through a meadow of wildflowers in full bloom. A 1-mile mowed trail through this prairie is open to the general public on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays from noon to sunset from now until Labor Day. The trail starts next to the 'Blackswamp.org' sign across rom the Eastwood Schools parking lot. We only request that you treat all plants and animals with respect. The prairie provides nesting shelter for many birds and the wetland restorations are new and fragile - we therefore ask that you remain on the trail. Download the flyer.