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My Personal Bests

I started runnning on 10 September 94 and have been hooked ever since. I logged 1000K on the road/trail on 22 July 95; 2000K on 23 April 96; 3000K on 10 November 96; 4000K on 15 March 97; 5000K on 16 June at the halfway point of the Comrades Marathon; 6000K on 12. October 1997; 7000K on 28. March 1998; 8000K on 19 February 1999; 9000K on 5 June 2000; 10000 in Dec. 2000.

Over the last years my running had suffered. After my running endeavors of 1997 I felt burnt out, and moving to a new job back in the States and the addition of our F1 unit demanded much of my spare time. But I am back and I am again enjoying it. I have become interested in adding some biking and swimming to my routine and I have started on triathlons this year.

Standard Distances

Ultras/Trail/Triathlon Races I have done

Some Reports of Races and other Runs

Here you find reports from marathons: Boston Marathon 1995, Graz City Herbstmarathon 1995, Venice Marathon 1996, Rebenland Welschmarathon 1997, Vienna City Marathon 1997, Marathons of 98 (Graz, Boston, Vienna); some strange training runs: trail running, hill work, long training run, my first longer trail run in a while, running in Iceland; some ultramarathons: City of Deutschlandsberg 50K 1996, Comrades Marathon 1997, Wörschach 100K Moorlauf 1997, Kentucky Ultra Trail Sojourn 1999, Running Fit Trail Marathon 1999, Dances with Dirt 1999, Huntington Ultra Frigid Fifty 2000; and triathlons: Accenture Chicago Triathlon 2004 and the Human interest story to go with it, the Deer Creek Pineman Half 2004,

Upcoming Races

maybe a fall marathon ...

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