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Born and raised in South Africa, I did all of my formal training in Ethology at the University of Natal-Durban (now the University of KwaZulu-Natal), followed by a PhD in Evolutionary Population Genetics at Texas Tech University. After Post Doctoral positions at Harvard and the University of Cape Town Medical School, I moved to the University of Graz (Austria) for several years, before taking up my present position at Bowling Green State University in the USA. I regularly teach an Introductory Biology course for Honors students (BIOL 204H) and Evolution (BIOL 545/454) for upper level undergrads and graduate students, with occasional excursions into Animal Behavior and Neuroethology. My research interests focus broadly on sensory biology and behavior. In addition to my teaching and research commitments, I am currently Director of SETGO, a program providing summer research experiences, financial-, and academic support, for students interested in science, engineering and technology.


   Last updated: 1/28/09